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Welcome to the A.K. Chiropractic Center!

Dr. Jeremy is accepting Sunshine Referrals starting March 2019.  A summary of our Sunshine Protocol is listed below, if you have any additional questions please call our office and let a staff member know you would like more info about becoming a Sunshine patient.

For those coming from out of town or out of state:  You will need accommodations for (4 days/5 nights) Sunday night thru Thursday afternoon. The first morning of your visit will begin with 2 health scans(approx 1hr) this will provide our doctor with in-depth information about your current health state for your appointment later in the day.  Your appointment will begin after lunch, a full hour with Dr. Jeremy.  Please allow time after your appointment for any Laser Therapy services that may be necessary.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of treatment is 45 minutes with Dr. Jeremy.

All of the mentioned above is included in the $1500.00 charge.  It does not include supplements or equipment, as these are per an individual’s needs.