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Please Print the following documents and bring them filled out to your appointment.

Cancellation Policy: When you call and schedule an appointment, time is reserved especially for you.  There is a deposit for new patients, which will be refunded only if the appointment is cancelled with more than 2 business days notice. For existing patients please allow a 48 Hour advance notice if you can not make your set appointment or a cancellation fee of $40.00 will be charged to your account.  


For Dr. Jeremy & Dr. Tyler: The patient is responsible for paying for the visit at the time of  your appointment. Upon checkout, you will receive a “Super Bill” receipt. This “Super Bill” will have all necessary service, diagnostic, and doctor codes your insurance company will need. Please contact your insurance on where to send your “Super Bill”, your insurance can then process and reimburse YOU (the patient) for the percentage that it covers for Chiropractic Care. 

For Dr. Candice: Dr. Candice is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare. Depending on your insurance, a copay may be due at the time of service.

Medicare All Doctors: You are responsible for paying for your visit at the time of your appointment. Our office will submit claims to Medicare, and Medicare will reimburse YOU (the patient) for the percentage that Medicare covers for Chiropractic Care.


Patient Testimonials


"I started the Sunshine Protocol with Dr. Jeremy. Ever since we started this protocol my mental clarity has improved by leaps and bounds. I used to feel in a "fog" or mentally "hung over" even though I don't drink at all. The fog has been lifted and i...


"I saw Dr Tyler Dahlke due to a knee injury. After only 1 session, the pain went away quickly. He also discovered some muscles that were not firing correctly causing me difficulty on some of my lifts for Crossfit. He was able to activate them again, and it helped stabilize my balance. I've had major improvements since! I've also learned a lot in the process. Great experience!"


"Dr. Jeremy is an absolute genius at what he does. He has completely resolved stubborn health issues for me for which other doctors could not provide any relief. He's very professional, personable, and easy to be around. The office staff here is also super easy to work with...