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“I started the Sunshine Protocol with Dr. Jeremy. Ever since we started this protocol my mental clarity has improved by leaps and bounds. I used to feel in a “fog” or mentally “hung over” even though I don’t drink at all. The fog has been lifted and i am forever greatful. We worked through various viruses, foods, pesticides, metals, etc.  Achieving mental clarity has to be the best part of this protocol. Raising 4 kids and having my own business is challenging enough. I now wake up with a clear head, it doesn’t take me long to get the day going mentally. I am so greatful for the methodology used in the Sunshine Protocol!!”

“I saw Dr Tyler Dahlke due to a knee injury. After only 1 session, the pain went away quickly. He also discovered some muscles that were not firing correctly causing me difficulty on some of my lifts for Crossfit. He was able to activate them again, and it helped stabilize my balance. I’ve had major improvements since! I’ve also learned a lot in the process. Great experience!”

“Dr. Jeremy is an absolute genius at what he does. He has completely resolved stubborn health issues for me for which other doctors could not provide any relief. He’s very professional, personable, and easy to be around. The office staff here is also super easy to work with and very kind. Nice location, too.”

“I was referred by a friend and very happy so far. Dr. Candice was excellent and was very genuine towards seeing that I get healthy again. I appreciate the honest approach to treatment. Thank you.”

“Dr. Jeremy takes Chiropractic care to the next level. You will be totally satisfied with the level of care and service.”

“I have never met someone in the health care industry that cares as much as Dr. Schiermeyer. I’m very greatful I wandered into his office 2 years and ago (and I’m still a current patient today). We need more people like him!”


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