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Joy had chronic back pain that regular chiropractors couldn’t help, using Applied Kinesiology Dr. Jeremy was able to find the root cause of her pain and provide relief once and for all. Dr. Jeremy can help with pregnancy discomforts, children’s ear infections, and other health issues for your whole family. Joy is thankful she found Dr. Jeremy Schiermeyer and the A.K. Chiropractic Center!

Alan, a 64 year old distance bike rider enthusiast, keeps his body in peak condition with help from the AK Chiropractic Center.

Leah found help for her and her infant son’s food allergies with help from the AK Chiropractic Center.

Kathy suffered from extreme fatigue, weight imbalance and acne. By balancing her hormones she has seen amazing results. Not only does she have more energy and clearer skin, she had an easy time conceiving.


After still being in pain after reconstructive knee surgury Alica found relief with Dr. Jeremy & Applied Kinesiology.  Alica’s daughter comes to the A.K. Chiropractic to stay aligned throughout her vigorus gymnastics training.

Hear how Dr. Jeremy  and Applied Kinesiology has helped Noreen find relief when no other doctor could. Applied Kinesiology treats the whole body — Physical, Mental and Chemical.

Lindsay brought in her 6 year old son because of allergy problems and is happy with his treatment & recovery.

Heather came to Dr. Jeremy to revitalize her health after chemo and has found relief after years of foot problems.

Katie was having problems with insomnia, anxiety and endometriosis. She is happy that Dr. Jeremy was able to help restore her fertility & overall health.

Dave had lower abdominal issues causing bowel problems and swelling in his legs.  Using Applied Kinesiology Dr. Jeremy helped him get his health back on the right track.

Crysanthy suffered from gut issues and food allergies for over 15 years.  Now, she is thriving and has energy throughout the day. She is greatful that Dr. Jeremy has passion to help his patients.   Crysanthy’s entire family from Grandparents to her 4 year old all come to see Dr. Jeremy at the A.K. Chiropractic Center.

Denise suffered from gut issues, inflamation in her joints, and chronic migraines.  Staying on track with Dr. Jeremy, Denise feels like she is 30 years old again!

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